About the artist

Mormor is a Danish artist whose artistic work is molded by the people and spaces around him.

Based in Denmark, Mormor started his career in an early age in the streets of his hometown of Aarhus. Today a lot of his pieces are experienced on canvas or paper and have been exhibited in Berlin, New York, Munich as well as in Copenhagen. He also works with large scale wall paintings spreading widely over public and private spaces all around Denmark. Mormor believes that art is very valuable to life not only to the artist himself but to humans in general. He contributes by working with people, in spaces sorrounding people and telling the stories of people in his art. 

“I love to experiment and play with materials. To me it’s essential to have some really strong ideas behind the pieces and try it out whether it’s an illustration or a technique. I work with a lot of different people from private buyers to educational insitutions and art institutions. I suppose I just have this strong interest in people, creating art to the people and love to visualize their stories in my pieces.” 

Contact me

You can always contact me if you have any questions or propositions for me.

You can either use the contact form, or send me and email directly at info@mormorandme.com





Here you find all artworks available for sale by the Danish artist Mormor.