About the artist

Mormor is a Danish artist working for a happier and more beautiful world for everyone to live in. 

“My artwork is here because we need art in our lives. Not only to enjoy in our homes and in public spaces, but because art improves the quality of human life itself.  Art is the essence of humanity, and through my art I always aspire to do better for others. Every morning is a new chance to make a positive change in this short life. 

There are so many stories to tell, so many adventures lie ahead and we have only just begun.” 

Mormor (1986) started his career in an early age in the streets of his hometown, Aarhus. Today a lot of his pieces can be experienced on either walls, canvas or paper and is found in Berlin, New York, Taipei as well as in Copenhagen.  


Contact me

You can always contact me if you have any questions or propositions for me.

You can either use the contact form, or send me and email directly at mormorandme@gmail.com

Phone: +45 22841698 




Here you find all artworks available for sale by the Danish artist Mormor.